Austin History

History of the Austin Motor Company

The Austin, later the Austin Motor Company, was formed in 1905 by herbert (later Sir) Austin.

Within two years, company cars were taking part in leading European road races, helping to test and develop the latest inventions in the motor industry.

This led to the phrase, ‘Dependable Austin’.

After making major contributions to the 1914-1918 war effort, Austin decveloped a single model policy – the Austin 20 horse power (HP).

Although an excellent car, sales were disappointing so two more models were introduced; a scaled down 20HP, the 12HP and the 7HP cars. The Austin 7 was the first true motorcar that was affordable by the general public.

By the late 1920s, the Austin Motor Company had developed a range of cars noted for thir formal appearance and high quality.

The Vintage Choice fleet is based on five 12 horse power models from this era.